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Saying ‘goodbye’…

Saying ‘goodbye’…

I’ve never been very good at it … I don’t even like seeing friends leave after a party, it’s even hard to separate after a weekend with my buddies, but there are some ‘goodbyes’ that don’t even compare. It hurts watching someone you love start packing for a journey really far away, like our daughter and son-in-law moving back to Germany…saying ‘goodbye for now’ raises the bar to a new level. But then, when I think of our precious mentor and friend, Katie, we lost here on earth just this past week, and how her husband of over 60 years had to say ‘goodbye’, there is just no comparison. In this case, my prayer is a simple one…that God will wrap His huge, loving, gentle arms around Dean, assuring him that his sweet wife, Katie, is free from cancer, free from pain and will be waiting for him. I will be giving Dean the card ‘May God hold you close…Praying for you.’ It’s a simple one…but sometimes just a few important words are all that needs to be said.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday….I love that idea!  It nudges us to look back on our lives to memories that make us smile.  One of my favorite cards is ‘Friends Forever’ …why?  Easy. First of all, my precious mama took the picture over 50 years ago…you could always count on her to have her camera ready for any occasion, ignoring our groans when she made us stand still for a moment.  Secondly, this is one of my favorite cards because one of my favorite people is standing right next to me on the front. Beth and I have been friends for over 50 years, and I’d like to think that photo portrays us as adventuresome characters, like maybe from a Mark Twain novel.  Lastly, because my friends are one of my greatest treasures, this card is a tribute to those friendships that endure time and space.   One version of this card says ‘thinking of you’, and the other, ‘happy birthday dear friend.’. Today I am sending out the first version to a dear friend suffering from cancer.  Tomorrow, I may send one to an old friend from second grade I had a long phone conversation with on Sunday.  Friends…treasures of the highest order…hold on to them tight…

‘High Hopes’ for our Vision Project

Are any of you getting to the point where you need your GLASSES to read just about anythng, like me? You know, like when you’re trying to read that special sale price that you thought for sure said 75% off, but when you get to the register is turns out it’s only 25%?  Dang. Should’ve gotten the glasses out.  Or when trying to read the protein or calcium amount of my latest food attempt to be younger, stronger, smarter or energetic.  I think you get the picture…as frustrating as remembering to put my glasses on is for me, I can’t imagine what it is like to not even have a pair available. My friend, Mary, after going for many years in a blurry world finally broke down a few years ago and got glasses….she was amazed that the leaves on the trees were more than just something from an impressionist’s painting. Her vision of the world changed dramatically. Go figure.

Giving others the opportunity for better sight is an exciting goal for Cutie and Noodle Card Company.  Better sight comes with better opportunities…whether on a mission field or in a classroom… in a third world country or in our nearest school, the challenge of education becomes much more difficult for those who can’t even see the letters clearly on a page in front of them.   So this is a simple way we can help…providing glasses for those in need, young or old…wherever we find them. So a portion of proceeds from the Vision Project line of cards will go for this endeavor. The cool thing too is that we will be using artwork, photographs and drawings donated from others who embrace this idea and have a vision they want to share with the world.

I love our first card …to me it embraces the idea of looking forward to a future with’s wishing that for all of us!     Peek here.

To dads from daughters…

This poignant little card pictures a father and daughter of a really amazing family that we know.  This family has two blond-headed little gals, as well as two little guys they have adopted from Haiti.  As he tosses their youngest daughter in the air, I just can’t help but think of the wonderful fathers in this world who have given their daughters wings…wings to graduate, wings to try new adventures, wings to start their own families, wings with confidence to become whoever they want to be.  Let’s celebrate the cool dads of the world…that connection with their daughters is priceless!!  Peek here.


Dads are hard to celebrate sometimes…it seems as though they don’t want anything, or they want something really big that is out of our price range.  (Did someone say Mazerati?) With Father’s Day  coming up, we have some simple solutions if you are stumped! We even have one for someone who is ‘like a father’ to you. ‘Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” Inside it reads ‘some dads get them both right…like you!’ Get a little fishing gear, a new tackle box or a day fishing, or just his favorite snack might be the ticket. Peek here.

Another idea is ‘You make even the ordinary fun!’ Peek here.  Pop by the grocery and get him his favorite decadent snack, then sit together and talk about fun memories!



Retail customers…free shipping!

It’s so nice to be able to offer free shipping to our retail customers!  So, no matter how many cards you purchase, shipping is free. And who knows, now and then we even add an extra card or some other little surprise…not always, but probably when you least expect it!  Don’t you just love surprises!

Team Cutie and Noodle…small but mighty!

It was a fabulous and moving day when Cutie and Noodle had a team that ran (ok…and walked) in the Miles for Moffitt Cancer Run a few weeks ago.  See our team on our Cutie and Noodle Facebook. To come together with some of my oldest (longest that is!), dearest friends and family to join over 7,000 people who participated,  each with their own stirring story …maybe about their own experience, or that of a loved one… was an amazing experience.  What a privilege to be a part of this event, and for Cutie and Noodle to be able to donate $200.  Our team raised $860, thanks to wonderful folks who made contributions to this important cause.  It’s nice to know that all the donations go directly to research at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Oh, and hey, did I mention that one of our team members actually placed third in the 8K…was that Ben Prueser?…or Whitney?  ‘Guess we’ll never know…but congrats to both of you…and what a sweet experience to have Whitney join me in the finish of the 5K.  Blessed for sure.

Giving back…

We LOVE giving back a percentage of what we make at Cutie and Noodle Card Company.  It’s an opportunity and a privilege, and a way to say ‘thanks’  for how we are blessed.  A recent donation went to an organization called Autism Speaks.  Learning that autism among children has risen dramatically in the last ten years, through research and education, their hope is to change the rising trend. One of our cards we call ‘Sophie’  features a precious, wide-eyed little girl who has autism. Peek here It’s in her honor that we have made this donation.


Welcome to our new website!  We are so excited to have you join us as we continue to grow our little card company. A special thanks to Brittany and Zack Smith for their patience and creativity on this project.   When we began this mother-daughter venture several years ago, our nicknames ‘Cutie’ and ‘Noodle’ came in handy and much of what we design are an extension of our lives. Many of our cards have stories behind them, and we look forward to sharing a few of these with you. One of my favorites is a picture of Whitney’s hand holding a tiny starfish in the card ‘Making a difference’. Peek here  Ben, her wonderful husband, snapped a photo right before tossing it back into the icy waters of the North Sea.  The beaches of Denmark at Christmas create a beautiful, unforgettable landscape of thatched houses peeking over tall grass- covered dunes.  Bundled up as we strolled the sand, we found all sorts of mysterious treasures… a single shoe or glove, scraps of fabric, driftwood in graceful shapes and numerous sizes. You can’t help but wonder where these originated…the stories they could tell! Some of the fabric we found is sometimes used for the ‘You are a treasure’ fiber arts card we offer. Peek here