‘High Hopes’ for our Vision Project

Are any of you getting to the point where you need your GLASSES to read just about anythng, like me? You know, like when you’re trying to read that special sale price that you thought for sure said 75% off, but when you get to the register is turns out it’s only 25%?  Dang. Should’ve gotten the glasses out.  Or when trying to read the protein or calcium amount of my latest food attempt to be younger, stronger, smarter or energetic.  I think you get the picture…as frustrating as remembering to put my glasses on is for me, I can’t imagine what it is like to not even have a pair available. My friend, Mary, after going for many years in a blurry world finally broke down a few years ago and got glasses….she was amazed that the leaves on the trees were more than just something from an impressionist’s painting. Her vision of the world changed dramatically. Go figure.

Giving others the opportunity for better sight is an exciting goal for Cutie and Noodle Card Company.  Better sight comes with better opportunities…whether on a mission field or in a classroom… in a third world country or in our nearest school, the challenge of education becomes much more difficult for those who can’t even see the letters clearly on a page in front of them.   So this is a simple way we can help…providing glasses for those in need, young or old…wherever we find them. So a portion of proceeds from the Vision Project line of cards will go for this endeavor. The cool thing too is that we will be using artwork, photographs and drawings donated from others who embrace this idea and have a vision they want to share with the world.

I love our first card …to me it embraces the idea of looking forward to a future with hope...here’s wishing that for all of us!     Peek here.

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