About Us

Who we are

Our Cutie and Noodle Card Company is a mother-daughter adventure. For years we’ve been crafting notes and cards for family and friends who have encouraged us to share them with you. In 2010, we launched our first designs and have been growing ever since, carried on the shoulders of our family, friends and the Father.

What we believe

We believe it is possible to enclose words of love, laughter, encouragement and faith in a little envelope tucked in a package, hidden in a piece of luggage, placed on a desk, slipped under a pillow or sent in the mail that lets someone know that in this crazy, busy world they are thought about and valued.

What we offer

Our cards include original ink drawings, watercolors, fiber arts, and photography from our world travels…along with the words…it is so much about the words. In this age of digital media, we offer a connection that can be held in a hand, tucked in a scrapbook; we make cards you can keep.

The Vision Project

Our cards give you an idea of our vision of life and our purpose.  We now offer an opportunity for others to share one of their visions through some form of art that can be used for a card. One person’s idea of a vision may mean something a whole lot different to another who is actually struggling to see or read the words on a page.  We share a portion of proceeds to buy glasses for those in need and have been privileged to donate hundreds of pairs of glasses. That’s why you’ll notice on some of our cards ‘Buy a card. Help another see.’

Thanks for taking a peek…gratefully yours!

Tana Harper and Whitney Harper Prueser

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