Our Why

We have had a variety of adventures in our lives…working at a cemetery, being a dancing dog, doing microwave cooking demonstrations, writing curriculum, public speaking, but teaching has probably been the most significant to date…. As teachers, we both understand the importance of human connections and believe that love, laughter, encouragement, and faith are important ingredients in life, no matter what you do.

As an extension of that belief, we’ve been crafting notes and cards for family and friends for years and those people have encouraged us to share our cards with you. So In 2010 we decided to take on the challenge, launching Cutie and Noodle Card Company using two of our favorite nicknames.

Our work includes mostly our own ink drawings, watercolors, fiber arts, and photography from world travels. Each of the cards we design has a backstory with a special meaning that we are always glad to share. In this age of digital media, we offer a connection that can be held in hand, tucked in a scrapbook; we make cards you can keep.

Some of the stories we’ve heard from folks who have shared our cards keep us going. …like the young wife of a soldier going to her mailbox with her baby on her hip opening our card that says ‘Stay strong.’, or the mother who got a call from her son who was moved after receiving the card that said she used to cover him with blankets and now with prayers…and a customer who carefully selected a different card for each of her friends knowing they will be framed as a reminder of those special friendships. We are grateful for those stories and knowing that our little designs our making a difference for others.

As part of our philosophy, we believe in paying forward the kindness shown to us so a portion of our proceeds every month are donated to charitable causes. … like Hope Children’s Home, the Humane Society, Wounded Warriors, Autism Speaks, and a new venture we started last year, The Vision Project, providing glasses for those in need.

The Vision Project says ‘Buy a card. Help another see.’ This line of cards gives others an opportunity to share a piece of artwork, a photograph or something that reflects their vision of life. The card created from the donated artwork, gives voice to their vision, but more importantly, helps to give vision to others. So remember, every time you buy a Cutie and Noodle card you can make a difference in more ways than you know!

Thanks for taking a peek at our designs…we hope you enjoy!

Tana Harper and Whitney Harper Prueser

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