Making a Difference

Making a difference


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Front: Making a difference…
Inside: …in the lives of those who know you. You are a gift!

Do you know the story of the starfish?  Someone is walking along the water’s edge rescuing starfish stranded in the sand, throwing them back one at a time.  An observer following along the shore finally asks…’what are you doing?  You can’t possibly rescue all of the starfish!’.  The kind person replied as they picked up one more of the beautiful sea creatures and held it for a moment, ‘i can make a difference for this one.’

This picture of Whitney’s hand holding a starfish found along the coast of the North Sea in Denmark reminds us of one of our favorite stories. It is a great reminder that we can make a difference wherever we are, any day, in our own quiet way.  We are surrounded by those who ‘make a difference’ for us all the time. The friendly sales clerk, your neighbor with the beautiful flower garden, a teacher whose efforts are relentless, the minister’s inspirational sermon or that beautiful voice in the choir that transcends the ordinary ..the list could go on forever.  Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to pass a few of these along, making a difference yourself!