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Welcome to our new website!  We are so excited to have you join us as we continue to grow our little card company. A special thanks to Brittany and Zack Smith for their patience and creativity on this project.   When we began this mother-daughter venture several years ago, our nicknames ‘Cutie’ and ‘Noodle’ came in handy and much of what we design are an extension of our lives. Many of our cards have stories behind them, and we look forward to sharing a few of these with you. One of my favorites is a picture of Whitney’s hand holding a tiny starfish in the card ‘Making a difference’. Peek here  Ben, her wonderful husband, snapped a photo right before tossing it back into the icy waters of the North Sea.  The beaches of Denmark at Christmas create a beautiful, unforgettable landscape of thatched houses peeking over tall grass- covered dunes.  Bundled up as we strolled the sand, we found all sorts of mysterious treasures… a single shoe or glove, scraps of fabric, driftwood in graceful shapes and numerous sizes. You can’t help but wonder where these originated…the stories they could tell! Some of the fabric we found is sometimes used for the ‘You are a treasure’ fiber arts card we offer. Peek here