Team Cutie and Noodle…small but mighty!

It was a fabulous and moving day when Cutie and Noodle had a team that ran (ok…and walked) in the Miles for Moffitt Cancer Run a few weeks ago.  See our team on our Cutie and Noodle Facebook. To come together with some of my oldest (longest that is!), dearest friends and family to join over 7,000 people who participated,  each with their own stirring story …maybe about their own experience, or that of a loved one… was an amazing experience.  What a privilege to be a part of this event, and for Cutie and Noodle to be able to donate $200.  Our team raised $860, thanks to wonderful folks who made contributions to this important cause.  It’s nice to know that all the donations go directly to research at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Oh, and hey, did I mention that one of our team members actually placed third in the 8K…was that Ben Prueser?…or Whitney?  ‘Guess we’ll never know…but congrats to both of you…and what a sweet experience to have Whitney join me in the finish of the 5K.  Blessed for sure.

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